Zerolost - Allegro Tapes

I am currently moving house and some two days ago by accident I discovered a CD with all my music archives. The original cd copy of this archive got scratched long time ago and the hard disk broke down. I have honestly thought that all these were gone for good so it was such a pleasant surprise to find them.

At first glance the archive has far more songs that I thought I have ever made. First estimate puts the number of songs at around 150-200. Most of these have never been published or were published in drastically different form. I plan to upload them all over the next few weeks/months/years (that is, as soon as I find time to re-link the samples and instruments and apply some general mastering).

Some of these are rather bad so expect anything to happen but there are some hidden gems that I have completely forgotten about. I plan to do a "selection" list in the future once everything's done and dusted.
released 29 July 2015